Safe Notes Old Versions

Older versions you can also download from FileHippo and sites or from many other available Internet sources.

Always verify any downloaded file from the Internet with this signed verification file before use. It contains signed hashes of all published versions of the SafeNotes. Verification is very easy. Place this verification file in the directory where the downloaded SafeNotes file is located. And then just open the verification file in the latest version of SafeNotes. Be careful to name the downloaded files correctly according to the version. Downloading old versions from our site is limited to premium users only.

Backward compatability: All documents created with older versions SafeNotes (1.0.0 to 5.1.x) or with SafeFile can be opened with the last version of SafeNotes application. The premium variante of SafeNotes is only needed for some very old docs created with premium encryptions, because the needed decrypt code is not linked(preset via plug-ins) in actual distribution.

Forward compatability: All applications from 4.9.0 to 5.1.x can read clipboard and documents created with newer versions of SafeNotes. If SCX plugins was used then can be read with any SCX suported version. If premium encryption was used then can be read with this premium encryption suported version.
  File Name Release Date Size Descrption
 VerifyInstall_AllVers.sigp2024-02-29 05:12 7.8KSigned Verification File (all vers)
 SafeNotesSource512.7z2024-02-29 05:12 1.77MFull Source Code 5.1.2 
 SafeNotesSetup511.exe2024-02-07 05:11 7.2MInstaller 5.1.1 
 SafeNotes511.7z2024-02-07 05:11 5.2MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup510.exe2023-03-21 05:10 7.1MInstaller 5.1.0 
 SafeNotes510.7z2023-03-21 05:10 5.1MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup509.exe2020-11-03 05:09 5.1MInstaller 5.0.9 
 SafeNotes509.zip2020-11-03 05:09 3.0MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup508.exe2019-12-25 05:08 5.1MInstaller 5.0.8 
 SafeNotes508.zip2019-12-25 05:08 2.9MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup507.exe2019-03-29 05:07 3.0MInstaller 5.0.7 
 SafeNotes507.zip2019-03-29 05:07 3.3MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup506.exe2019-02-25 05:06 2.8MInstaller 5.0.6 
 SafeNotes506.zip2019-02-25 05:06 3.0MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup505.exe2018-10-11 05:05 2.8MInstaller 5.0.5 
 SafeNotes505.zip2018-10-11 05:05 3.0MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup504.exe2018-07-19 05:04 2.8MInstaller 5.0.4 
 SafeNotes504.zip2018-07-19 05:04 3.0MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup503.exe2018-05-29 05:03 2.8MInstaller 5.0.3 
 SafeNotes503.zip2018-05-29 05:03 3.0MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup502.exe2018-02-19 05:02 2.6MInstaller 5.0.2 
 SafeNotes502.zip2018-02-19 05:02 2.7MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup501.exe2017-12-24 05:01 2.1MInstaller 5.0.1 
 SafeNotes501.zip2017-12-24 05:01 2.2MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup500.exe2017-05-31 05:00 1.2MInstaller 5.0.0 
 SafeNotes500.zip2017-05-31 05:00 1.2MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup492.exe2016-09-22 04:92 910KInstaller 4.9.2 
 SafeNotes492.zip2016-09-22 04:92 851KPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup491.exe2016-08-30 04:91 1.08MInstaller 4.9.1 
 SafeNotes491.zip2016-08-30 04:91 1.02MPortable 
 SafeNotesSetup490.exe2016-08-22 04:90 904KInstaller 4.9.0 
 SafeNotes490.zip2016-08-22 04:90 841KPortable 
 SafeNotes420rc1cu.exe2013-03-27 17:08 1.23MApplication 4.2.0 (U) 
 SafeNotes420rc1bu.exe2012-02-15 10:08 1.23MApplication 4.2.0 (U) 
 SafeNotes420rc1au.exe2011-03-06 20:21 1.22MApplication 4.2.0 (U) 
 SafeNotes420rc1a.exe2011-03-06 01:14 416KApplication 4.2.0 (FP,UPX) 
 SafeNotes400.exe2010-05-19 00:52 1.12MApplication 4.0.0 (PH) 
 SafeNotes383mu.exe2006-12-11 08:18 1.17MApplication 3.8.3m (U) 
 SafeNotes377(R3).exe2005-02-08 12:07 0.98MApplication 3.7.7 (P,PSD) 
 SafeNotes374d(R2).exe2004-09-28 12:52 999KApplication 3.7.4d (P,PSD) 
 SafeNotes374b.exe2004-03-19 09:17 993KApplication 3.7.4b (P) 
 SafeNotes374(R1).exe2004-03-12 15:55 305KApplication 3.7.4 (P) 
 SafeNotes277.exe2004-03-11 16:47 865KApplication 2.7.7 (P) 
 SafeNotes100.exe2003-02-07 01:00 293KApplication 1.0.0