Safe Mail

This is a new feature available from version 5.0.8 to all users

# Introduction

Safe Notes Mail is a feature that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. It can be used for encrypting, decrypting, and signing messages, e-mails, or texts. It is by far the safest public-key cryptography, or asymmetric cryptography in the world.

What does this feature do?

Very simple answer can be - a replacement for PGP or GPG or other similar mail tools. You can send and receive secure encrypted mails/messages to and from anybody. It is very easy to use. Everyone can set up and use it very, very easy. It contains integrated test mode with predefined users (Alice,Bob,...) for better understandig of the technology and secure testing.

How secure are the encrypted Safe Notes Mail data?

Safe Notes Mail use encryption called ZR-Crypt that combines multiple symmetric-key encryption and multiple public-key encryption. Typicaly it uses six types of symetrical ciphers, one to two RSA, two to three types ECC and six types of hashes. Symmetric-key encryption uses the same crypto-engine as the main Safe Notes file crypto-engine. With six ciphers - AES, Blowfish, Twofish, IDEA, CAST6 and Serpent - used one after another in cascade with separate keys and initialization vectors. Keys and vectors derived from a true random 512-bit session key. This session key is encrypted with various asymetric public-key encryptions. There are more RSA and ECC encryptions used, from 1x RSA 2048bit + 1x ECC 256bit to 2x RSA (2176+8192 bits) + 3x ECC (384+544+544 bits). This is an equivalent for symetric-key security from 240 to 960 bits. For example your internet banking has a security from 112 to 128 bits. Safe Notes Mail can use user defined custom curves, it can create verifiable true random eliptic curves with highest security, or import third party generated ECC and RSA keys. It supports also an additional password for added symetrical-key encryption of the already encrypted session key for unbreakable security of the message (symetric-key equivalent over 2200-bits). More detailed info available in SafeNotes White Papers.

Why Safe Notes Mail/Message Is the Most Secure Messaging App Around

For years, privacy and security experts worldwide have called on the general public to adopt strong cryptography to protect our communications. Many companies offer “secure messaging” products—but are these systems actually secure? Which apps and tools actually keep your messages safe? Probably all messaging apps claim that they reliably protect your private conversations, but, in reality, this is not true.

Here are some reasons that SafeNotes is the most secure messaging app. Unlike other messaging apps, SafeNotes is not running on iOS or Android because here cannot protect your personal data. The Safe Notes Mail’s end-to-end encryption has the highest security because it uses all the best encryption simultaneously. In all security settings Safe Notes Mail uses the same parameters of elliptic curves as Bitcoin (Koblitz, secp256k1)**** as first line of protection. And then a series of high-end, diverse encryption methods. Depending on the setting you select, two to five independent encryptions are used. As well as archived messages use unsurpassed security resulting from the use of a multiple cascade of the best ciphers. All random data are true random and generator always use verifiable random technology. The generated random data is absolutely cryptographically secure and always verifiable.

The entire message encryption technology is created with the same transparency as the Safe Notes file(SNF) technology, fully verifiable without the possibility of creating vulnerabilities or backdoors.

Our recommendation: Communicate with your friends at the highest level of privacy and security on your Safe Notes Mail.

Secure Mail/Messaging Apps Comparison

Funding Jurisdiction Security* Used encryptions (pub+sym)
Messenger Facebook USA 128-bit 1+1
Signal Signal Foundation USA 224-bit+ 1+1
SafeSwiss Secure Communication AG EU/Switzerland 128-bit 1+1
Skype Microsoft USA 112-bit 1+1
Telegram Pavel Durov USA/UK/RU 112-bit 1+1
Threema Threema GmbH EU/Switzerland 128-bit 1+1
Viber Rakuten USA/Luxembourg/Japan 128-bit 1+1
Whatsapp Facebook USA 128-bit 1+1
PGP Symantec USA 144-bit 1+1
GnuPG GNU Project/German government USA/EU 144-bit 1+1
SafeNotes ArtbyMind EU 960-bit** 3+6***
* This is a theoretical maximal avaiable cryptographic security, defined as symmetric security level equivalent.
** Withou added password, with added password (or keyfile) up to 2240-bit ☺ ☺ ☺
*** With certificate up to 5+6 (RSA 3K, RSA 8K, ECC P256k1, ECC544, Custom ECCs,...)
**** Because there are billions of dollars on the internet, coded with this ECC keys. If someone break the security, bitcoins will be dead.
+ With Curve448. Standard setting use Curve25519 with only 128-bit