Password Checker

Genuine Password Checker and Generator, very precise with nice graphics design. Charts contains the entire history of computer performance. It can display the real strength of entered passwords for many popular encryption tools such as TrueCrypt, Keepass, PasswordSafe, 7zip, VeraCrypt, etc. It also includes high grade approximation of the future progress of decryption for the next millennium.

Password Checker and Generator
Information: This tool supports not only SafeNotes but also many popular encryption tools such as TrueCrypt, Keepass, VeraCrypt, PasswordSafe, or 7zip, Wifi-WPA2, etc.
Password Checker and Generator

# How to quickly generate a random password in edited text?

Simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G. The length of the generated password is determined by the value in the options.

True Random Passwords

# How secure are the generated passwords?

SafeNotes uses a large random pool, ultra-precise random seed, and the finest cryptographic algorithms for generating an absolutely random passwords (randomness = security). This is the best way to securely create password and they are absolutely safe.

Generating Random Data
Verifiable random data - You can absolutely trust the generator

SafeNotes uses a verifiable random data generator not only for salt, master key, but also for generating absolutely random and verifiable passwords. You can verify any generated password or phrase (menu Tools|Verifiable Random). Detailed information can be found in the document SafeData\Settings\Docs\VerifiableRandom.rtf.