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# Freeware version

Since version 5.0.5 released on October 11, 2018, the security of the unregistered free version is the highest in the world. There is no other application or system with safer data encryption anywhere in the world. Even a registered version is safer purely theoretically. We mean encryption and encryption keys. Registered version, of course, has a tremendous advantage in the possibilities of entering a password. The security of the unregistered free version 5.0.8 was restored to version 5.0.4 due to synchronization with the Safe-Notes-Mail security.

Technical information

The free distributed unregistered version use data and salt subkeys with reduced length. This subkeys safety in unregistered version is 272-bit (v5.0.7) or 128-bit (v5.0.8). This subkeys can be increased up to 2240-bit. To use this, you must have a personal license. Head subkey has always full 4096-bit.

Cost for hack 64-bit subkey has price significantly exceeds 100 billion dollars. Note that the head subkey has always full 4096-bit (6-ciphers use 2240-bit from this) and there is no chance to break the key. Reduced subkey that the attacker had successfully cracked must be identified only by a decoded text analysis. Checksum hash is not available. That can do only the best of the best programmers with very high computerpower because computation time is much more longer than the times for checksum comparison.

Supercomputer with 50 petaFLOPS will be need 292 years for attack to 64-bit subkey in Safe Notes. It would be cost hundreds of billions dollars!

Attack to a 128-bit or larger subkey in SafeNotes is only a fantasy realm. It is simply impossible!

Today (2017) lowest price for FLOPS has supercomputers. When we use a supercomputer, we can deliver 1 teraFLOPS for $0.042 (Sunway TaihuLight), $0.164 (Tianhe-2), $0.078 (Cray Titan) per hour, amortized over 8 years. The cost of electricity varies by location. At a price $0.160 per killowatt hour, we need about $0.026 for teraFLOPShour. Minimum total cost is then 0.042+0.026 = $0.068 for one teraFLOPShour.

The table below uses a value $0.068 per teraFLOPShour. For cracking of one safenotes-key you need 500 MegaFLOPS. One teraFLOPShour is 3600 teraFLOPS.

Crack costs
Note that the password needs 24 times more crack-time as the key, 12 GigaFLOPS. So, for example, breaking 48-bit password will cost $63 801 000 US dollars.

Performance trend

When we compare highest performance from 1990 to 2016, we can see that doubling time of performance is 1.1 year. So, after 22 years will increase performance a million times. This is equivalent to 20 bits in the security. Simplified, for every year you can count on increased performance of one bit. In other words, after 32 years, a 96-bit key will be as safe as today's 64-bit (and a 128-bit as today's 96-bit).

Top supercomputer speeds from wikipedia. Top supercomputer speeds from wikipedia

Estimated crack costs over time for 80/96/128 bit sub-keys. Simplified, you can count on a double increase in performance each year.

Crack costs over time Quantum cryptography and the exponential increase in computer performance

SafeNotes use cryptographic algorithm system that are absolutely secure against an attack by a quantum computer in the future. More dangerous threat is the increase in the performance of computers. It is not linear but exponential. This increase in time stop, but we do not know when. For our application SafeNotes this is not a problem, but as has been written many times, the only weak point is your password.

Password security

In the table above is in the third column the number of years needed for today's supercomputer ( 50 petaflops ) and in the fourth column (NSA-NotSecureAfter) is the year after which it will be possible to break the password using future theoretical supercomputers without limits. Very theoretically. For an estimate of the real future, see the charts in the next section.

Performance of today's (2017) Supercomputer with a capacity of 50 petaflops cost 596,088,000 USD/year.

Future supercomputers are defined by the exponential increase in performance. Each year, the power doubles. The probability that overcome this definition is close to zero. Financial costs per year will be approximately the same.

Encryption security and the future

You can create various security graphs in SafeNotes application: Tools / Password checker and Generator

Password checker and Generator

This tool supports not only SafeNotes but also many popular encryption tools such as TrueCrypt, Keepass, VeraCrypt, PasswordSafe, or 7zip, Wifi-WPA2, etc.

Password checker and Generator - detail

A few examples:

Computing power performance Simplest symetric encryption security Safe Notes password security

Note that the SafeNotes password needs 24 times more crack-time as the SafeNotes key. Therefore has password about 4.6-bit bigger security.

# Registered personal non-commercial version

With the registered version, you can enable advanced user mode. Of course, an advanced user mode has a considerable advantage in terms of the ability to enter a password.

The registration can change safety to more bits. Typicaly to 384-bits, but theoretical can by 256, 272, 288, 320, 384, 512, 768, 1024 or so. Value 1024 or higher has no limitation and use full 4096-bit subkeys (notice: 6-ciphers use 2240-bit from 4096-bit key).

All over 64-bit is very very safe and over 96-bit there is no chance to break the key. Further increasing of the keysize is only a matter of prestige and psychical feeling. Of course we are talking about safenotes-subkey not the general strength of other encryption keys.

This registration is free but donation is very welcome.

# Registered commercial version

With the registered version, you can enable advanced user mode. Of course, an advanced user mode has a considerable advantage in terms of the ability to enter a password.

Personal commercial version costs 48 eur. Keysize is unlimited, 2240 bits. License is fixed to a single computer. No time limit. Update license to another computer cost 16 eur.

Company comercial version has other license. Here is price individually negotiated with each partner. Keysize is 2240 bits. Each license is fixed to a single computer and is non-transferable. The total cost must not be high, summarily prices start from €140.

# National patriot version

If you are a patriot, you can buy a complete language version with defined higher security for an unregistered version of your compatriots. This language version will then be free for all non-commercial users.

For example: Danish-320bit-version sponsored by iGolem Bank, or Norwegian-344bit-version sponsored by IT-com Soft and so on.