Safe Notes

Non-commercial freeware
For Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (64/32 bit)
You can download setup or zipped archive file. Although this software is free please donate to help support the software and site costs.
Everyone who donates value of 4 euro or more can use Anonymous License.
Operating System Version Download Type Descrption
Windows 32/64bit 5.1.2 Setup exe SafeNotes installer. Recommended for all users.
Windows 32/64bit 5.1.2 Archive 7zip SafeNotes portable version. Recommended for experience users.
Windows 32/64bit 5.1.1 - 1.0.0 Older versions - Older versions you can also download from the FileHippo site.
- 5.1.1 - 1.0.0 Signatures sigp Signatures for SafeNotes. You can easily verify all installation versions.
File Checksums:

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Date: 29-Februar-2024
Setup MD5: 097B7416B562DD2277AA7BB203D79384
Setup SHA1: 3B28DDB4C465B5E9406EACE05F185494BE6FE2BE
7ZIP MD5: 1B459F79043BF7F35DFD6F7F80778A66
7ZIP SHA1: F56F4EA1A44E001499A5B736AE4EA72A4AC45D32

Application: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."
Crypto-Plus: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."
Source: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."

Date: 07-Februar-2024
Setup MD5: 467EC370556C8601D78A042579F2EA6B
Setup SHA1: 4B6D613B265B9C50ED1B0E5AB0FAB6B6A396A777
7ZIP MD5: 82D7771340CB85D6DD68C056B56C132D
7ZIP SHA1: 2794B734263746C58B13D77A554A18BC3B38D86A

Application: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."
Crypto-Plus: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."
Source: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."

Date: 21-March-2023
Setup MD5: 8f057057bcf14c54f1e2be3a6a71301c
Setup SHA1: 2a193fafa5c73e511f756cb85520f4203c5da08f
7ZIP MD5: b25e538eb6a9aeb5f3b6dbe18e465f8c
7ZIP SHA1: 692e367556f25411b475de7a7bf262478ba9c2ac

Application: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."
Crypto-Plus: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."
Source: Use menu option "Help|Verify installed files..."

Date: 03-November-2020
Setup MD5: ae7b5b66d4319697452223f2e69d9653
Setup SHA1: e2fa43bee611d0b9f23d45bac92e7d1da29f39d7
ZIP MD5: 0341ea4b88b93662af1e897f3829ff8e
ZIP SHA1: a116b1a1e3320d3205beb0353061f39633f19492
App MD5: 08fc8b5e8d2741aca39f5db56456e00c
App SHA1: 182e197dda078518aba85636a5846a6c8bbdaa7f
Crypto-Plus MD5: f3f49de0c5aeb01e91451b5d9b194edf
Crypto-Plus SHA1: d64a8c503b928dcff5de6580f61d55e324fbbfbb
Source MD5: 26dac5fea01d69461ab4973cb5abe547
Source SHA1: 7d776a41ef2f85dc7b5ff09e7e1daa202b48c842

Date: 25-December-2019
Setup MD5: c38c6e3f2c4f00b3a5ecf74502fa3a7b
Setup SHA1: bf7f411cceb8dce7117082c49e92f63690cbfed8
ZIP MD5: ee1e4f68a8cfe3ed363deff90742aa20
ZIP SHA1: 3ab53049b969832502402e619c5ecb5c53834b90
App MD5: 75df89db35b46cff96a3ea808011c44f
App SHA1: e6d0cfb323391a3ee595f53964ce8f36a8d74ae4
Crypto-Plus MD5: 38808e788016b9f3e0e3a430951f6ffd
Crypto-Plus SHA1: 2ec4be4a9d3c75607b1567969b8aa8871b6455ae
Source MD5: 1cd7c5d378662bbd639637fa34614ab5
Source SHA1: bf88e17aba512a44a465a71564735c132247b252

Date: 29-March-2019
Setup MD5: 2564d58db946ba4979365e4af4ce2b28
Setup SHA1: bfd6c6cf1415946dfeabc5ea41cc5993955e791f
ZIP MD5: a21ff0f234e61c70717bddf09157c7ea
ZIP SHA1: 9411996460645be0d202f7f242ed114301d90ffe
App MD5: 5bed1ff10d4e2d2d2ded977d888a854a
App SHA1: 3a5e061435d69bc42dfd75b4ca24c735608475c3

Date: 25-Februar-2019
Setup MD5: 253a419d363701b0464dc5ceeb5d44e1
Setup SHA1: 047dfa0636748241e9c48f5cc2315ef0d511cd42
ZIP MD5: 588728a209b66d31a747e4159df934e0
ZIP SHA1: 95098a3aad70ffe35356898ec2855ace8493a6c9
App MD5: 880a17e2c43ea1d0c56752eecf84a18e
App SHA1: 98df1bbf3d260616b5fa7ad5fbd3a09220930765

Date: 11-October-2018
Setup MD5: 49b8700d09197dd37eb4b099fa31f396
Setup SHA1: aa980b84f7bd6d608a80e96883381cc0ad527f46
ZIP MD5: 2262cd4e0cb55ce82b63e0bdd38deac4
ZIP SHA1: da238af646fd9ae55ae6864420337cb6bff88ce1
App MD5: cd97a6f0152893516e43d6baf7380a56
App SHA1: 9383e3ac711e783a0ff78867cbec2f27beb62ef6

Date: 19-July-2018
Setup MD5: 4b6d01a24353880c9118b5193cee0925
Setup SHA1: fe142267c1e62ca488c6322655689c4ce54b7025
ZIP MD5: 57d8095b3c4762692e2cec9c5086ad2e
ZIP SHA1: 858f530139a5a1f1de7e046a1772246f205aded9
App MD5: b8164ab17ac003a68da83923597985f9
App SHA1: 52b1be5f8107b9fd108bc04ba50bf3531382cda2

Date: 28-May-2018
Setup MD5: 89814889db47b7512a0af575bbf0ea90
Setup SHA1: 26c944e4f0a74b3fef4e81e6ff1e9f516fa45942
ZIP MD5: 413bf54b60f4120694e125b5a7d2a528
ZIP SHA1: c5ea18fc8316fae09b8ecc18c3a877b3c8a07eca
App MD5: 93c64c25b5b95d3a1702a3a2c9db3249
App SHA1: cb70e01db8637b60079d18fe283a83129ba9216e

Date: 19-Februar-2018
Setup MD5: 79887384a1eb06aa44dae6a21c5866fa
Setup SHA1: 7179fb728305e14ead7c039f8416d3d249312da2
ZIP MD5: ed26d1c408c9bf1d6044461851df8ad0
ZIP SHA1: 420639bc1658eabc6c1606d2f5ea853ead6b3cb9
App MD5: 50e3e42c160844da4ae66f746f7e5562
App SHA1: f2bf5b4ecce286c133ac65ad728d4b163e61b156

Date: 24-December-2017
Setup MD5: 9c78ca55dbfeac1a24cdbac06a718731
Setup SHA1: a720b711de7736f43b7df7a5483f256c233712c6
ZIP MD5: 149debae02160e4e162f4a5d625015a3
ZIP SHA1: ea69b1eae1645cec9f8896bcf1eea43ec149cccb
App MD5: d1f8234c8e7c95b3e4b89993fc80dcdc
App SHA1: a42b01e7416cdb654fb2e54b248b371d74b15f0c

Date: 31-May-2017
Setup MD5: ed394db147830cbe01dc49b911dd19d1
Setup SHA1: 7ce34747601a61ac5d49cbc25ab2a7a69663d5e7
ZIP MD5: dbbf14d0d4579e6ea11777427bd02e72
ZIP SHA1: 3647be3067df9327473e9bf07bda7de076116cd1
App MD5: a2cb74711fac13c2b5dbc2e8f9da4528
App SHA1: 86105fd191f6eb4988b8e2a0663a5807b768f11a

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Safe Notes - source

Since version 5.0.8 the source code is included in the Setup file. Here is today only a info picture (password: safenotes).
Operating System Version Download Type
Windows 32/64bit 5.1.2 Source code snf
Full source code. The created zipped archive is encrypted with the SafeNotes. This encryption is so good, that nobody can hack it and even the best supercomputers in the world can not break it. Therefore we chose it for self-encryption. This is only for programmers. Must be decrypt with correct password in Safe Notes application (with Encrypt Tool). After successfully decrypting unpack to a directory and run the batch file "create_exe.bat". Package includes everything you need, all the resources, private keys, additional applications. Only compiler is not included and you must install it, see readme file. Published exe application was created exactly from this data with described procedure. When where usefull, we will publish password in future. Today the password is known only to our main sponsors.

Types of Safe Notes Licenses

What is the difference between various types of SafeNotes license/registration?
Privacy for everyone
Encrypt tool
Wipe tool
Password generator
Password checker
Bitcoin wallet
Advanced settings
More ciphers
Password + Keyfiles
Any character in the password is allowed
using hexadecimal input for any unicode value
Configurable encryption
Premium support
New generation ciphers
added to cascade (~16384 bit)
Built-in two-factor authentication
(e.g. full automatic with USB key)
Encryption cascade 4x 6x 8x
Data key security 128 bits * 256 - 2240 bits 2240 - 16384 bits
Head key security 2240 bits 2240 bits 2240 bits
Salt/Encryption-key 256/2240 bits 256/2240 bits 256/2240 bits
Steganography uses security Unlimited
3x2240 bits
3x2240 bits
3x2240 bits
Message sub-key w/o cert 128 bits ** 256 bits 256 bits
How can I get this version? Free Download Send a request using
the application or
use anonymous license
Send a request using
the application
Recommended personal price [€] 0 ~ 15 ** 16 ~ 64
Recommended company price [€] 140 + (16x Lic.count) 18000
* With anonymous license can be 160-384 bits (needed donation 4euro or more).
** With anonymous license can be 160 bits (needed donation 4euro or more).
*** If you can afford to donate several euros, dollars or bitcoins, please make an online donation and use anonymous license..

Types of Safe Notes Postman certificates

What is the difference between various types of Safe Notes Postman certificates?

FREE Cert A Cert B Cert C Cert D Cert E
Valid 1-year 2-years 3-years 10-years Forever+++
Verified email address
Postman in your picture
Message security
(equivalent symmetric key strength)
Very Safe
Very Safe
Very Safe
Ultra Safe
Used sub-key size [SNF level] 128-bits* 320-bits** 384-bits** 512-bits** 768-bits** 2240-bits
Exceed Military-grade Secret Secret Top Secret Top Secret Top Secret Ultimate
Top Secret
Commercial use
Recommended personal price [€] 0 ~ 15 *** 16 32 48 192 1024
Recommended company price [€] 192+ 1536++ 6144++ 16384++
FREE = Personal private use without certificate
Cert A,B,C,D,E = Certificate type
* With registered sender can be 160-bits (anonymous) or 256-bits (personal license).
** Expired certificate has 192-bit subkey (or 256-bit from sender with pers.lic.) and message security with 448-bits. Class E has always maximum security, never expire.
*** If you can afford to donate several euros, dollars or bitcoins, please make an online donation.
+ Can be used for commercial purpose only by registered sender
++ This price include up to 32 various commercial certificates
+++ Certificate can be revoked at anytime by user. It is recommended to renew after 40-years. For more information, read "How to certify your Safe Notes Postman".