Safe Notes Mail certificates

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Public information stored in the Safe Notes Postman can be verified with certificate. When you use a postman with certified identity then you are sure, that it is from proclaimed sender. Of course, your own credibility is guaranteed only if you have a certified Postman. Certified Postman has also higher security. Here are some variants.

# Types of Safe Notes Postman certificates

What is the difference between various types of Safe Notes Postman certificates?

FREE Cert A Cert B Cert C Cert D Cert E
Valid 1-year 2-years 3-years 10-years Forever+++
Verified email address
Postman in your picture
Message security
(equivalent symmetric key strength)
Very Safe
Very Safe
Very Safe
Ultra Safe
Used sub-key size [SNF level] 128-bits* 320-bits** 384-bits** 512-bits** 768-bits** 2240-bits
Exceed Military-grade Secret Secret Top Secret Top Secret Top Secret Ultimate
Top Secret
Commercial use
Recommended personal price [€] 0 ~ 15 *** 16 32 48 192 1024
Recommended company price [€] 192+ 1536++ 6144++ 16384++
FREE = Personal private use without certificate
Cert A,B,C,D,E = Certificate type
* With registered sender can be 160-bits (anonymous) or 256-bits (personal license).
** Expired certificate has 192-bit subkey (or 256-bit from sender with pers.lic.) and message security with 448-bits. Class E has always maximum security, never expire.
*** If you can afford to donate several euros, dollars or bitcoins, please make an online donation.
+ Can be used for commercial purpose only by registered sender
++ This price include up to 32 various commercial certificates
+++ Certificate can be revoked at anytime by user. It is recommended to renew after 40-years.

# Certified Graphical Postman

Some type of the Certified Postman can be stored in a picture for comfortable importing (drag&drop) from web or emails from your comunication partners. Then it is possible for a user to select a photo to be used as his/her “postman picture”.


The pictures above contains Safe Notes Postmans - (certified), (demo).
You can simply drag&drop it into SafeNotes application.

The pictures above show graphical-postmans from SafeNotes test mode.

# How to certify your Safe Notes Postman

Personal certificate

You can buy a certificate together with licence for the program. When you have already donated us, maybe you are a winner of a free certificate and license. In the window "Certify my Postman" you can see if your donation have win a certificate or not.

Send your requests via our application (Menu: Tools | Safe Notes Mail | My Safe POST OFFICE... Button: Certify).

Email must contain all unmodified data created by application:
  • sender's identification (name, email,...)
  • amount of payment (from this value is derived cert.type)
  • date of payment (pay data must include used email address)
  • Postman as TXT (postman email address must be the same as used for email sending)
Email can contain:
  • Picture (if you want a graphical postman). Only for Cert-type: C, D, E.
  • Your message text
To create a postman with Safe/VerySafe security you must enable Advanced user mode. If you do not have your own license use "training registration" for this. If all data are OK then your postman will be certified and send back to you.
Company certificate
For company, send us an email first.

# Certified Postman Revocation

SafeNotes users may revoke their Postman at any time by sending an email to us, via this postman:

Postman: Revoke

Your message must contain PostmanID for revocation and must be signed with this your Postoffice and also this certified Postman must be included.

Revoked Postman can be no longer used in application (of course, sender must have actual revoke database). You can send an email to your comunication partners for revoke database update. Messages cannot be sent to revoked Postman.