Publish your Post-ID

After creating your own POST OFFICE, you can publish your Post-ID anonymously on our website very easily.

You can win a prize of up to 2000 euros by helping us collect information about the spread of Safe Notes Mail. When you like the Safe Notes Mail/Message feature, here you can send us anonymous information who has given you the information and sent you the first postman. Your friend receives points that he can later change for a license or certificate of up to € 2,000. Similarly, you will be getting points for each friend as well as friends of your friends. Completely behind the whole branch under you. And then you can exchange them according to the collected value.

How to publish your Post-ID?

First, you must create your own POST OFFICE. See chapter "Setting up and using". After creating your POST OFFICE, you can publish your Post-ID using the application via the "Help/Publish your Post-ID" menu. After publishing your Post ID, you can read online information about your registered friends, your cumulative points, winnings, etc. Use the "Help/Publish your Post-ID/Show info about published PostID..." menu.

You'll then see all your information online ...

Winners of those who have registered their Post-ID
Date of win Post-ID Registration date Points Notice
27.12.2019 4RY27B7U 2019-12-26 14:06:14 0 First registered user! Wins Certificate E.
1.1.2020 ZG8WLQMC 2019-12-27 11:34:57 173 Most points on this day! Wins Certificate E and 384-bit class-A license.
Please each winner, send us an email signed with this winning Post-ID. All new winners will be posted here later.